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Residential Cleaning


Standard Services

Basic House Cleaning: A service that involves general house cleaning jobs. Your list of house cleaning services can include areas like the kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and bedroom. Tasks include mopping, vacuuming, dusting, polishing, sweeping.

Custom Services

Our custom services allow you to be in control. We want to ensure customer satisfaction at all times; for this reason we offer our “custom services” which allows you to create a tailor-made service specifically designed to meet all your wants and needs

Cleaning the Floor
What we offer

What we offer



One Time


* 1 full Bath

* 1/2 bath

* 1 living room

* 1 dinning room

* 1 kitchen

* 2 Bedroom


Weekly Cleaning


/ per week

* 3 full baths
* 1 living room
* 1 kitchen
* 3 bedrooms

Monthly Cleaning


/ per month

* 2 full baths
* 2 half baths
* 2 living room
* 1 kitchen
* 2 bedrooms


DISCLAIMER: These are only estimated quotes. For a custome code, please fill out the form for the service that you wish!

Residential Booking


Service Type

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