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Find out more about our services

We take great satisfaction in providing high quality services that are tailored to the requirements of each individual customer. Because no people are the same, no two cleanings will ever be precisely the same hense the reason we stress attention to detail on every service that is provided.

Man Cleaning Windows

Residental * Commercial * Janitorial *Custom

Any of the following services may be scheduled for a one-time service, recurring service, or custom schedule. Please see the following base rates as a guide, but for a more specific and detailed quote feel free to contact us directly at any time.

One Time



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One Time


* 1 full Bath

* 1/2 bath

* 1 living room

* 1 dinning room

* 1 kitchen

* 2 Bedroom

Weekly Cleaning


/ per week

* 3 full baths
* 1 living room
* 1 kitchen
* 3 bedrooms

Monthly Cleaning


/ per month

* 2 full baths
* 2 half baths
* 2 living room
* 1 kitchen
* 2 bedrooms

DISCLAIMER: These are only estimated quotes. For an exact quote, please fill out the form for the service that you wish!


Find out more about our services

Our professional cleaning crew has worked in establishments ranging in size and kind, and they are willing to collaborate with you to guarantee that all of your cleaning requirements are satisfied.

Expert ckeaning technicians

Affordable pricing

Guaranteed results

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